Civil War

Civil War reenactment at Historic Brattonsville in 2016.
Culture & Heritage Museums / Mike Watts

Historic Brattonsville in York County,  S.C., says it's canceling a planned Civil War re-enactment next month amid the national debate over Civil War memorials and concerns over visitors' safety.

Civil War Era Shipwreck Found Off NC Coast

Mar 7, 2016
N.C. Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

This week, marine archaeologists will dive down to a Civil War era shipwreck recently discovered off the North Carolina coast. The archaeologists are almost certain it’s a large blockade runner, which is a kind of ship that played a key role during the war.

If you’ve been to Gettysburg, you may have seen the Cyclorama – a massive painting that colorfully and dramatically depicts battlefield scenes including the decisive event known as Pickett’s Charge. The work on display at Gettysburg is one of four similar pieces produced in the late 1800s under the direction of French painter Paul Philippoteaux. Two of those versions have been lost – but a surviving cyclorama is in North Carolina. And, it’s for sale – all 6 tons of it.   

The sprawling painting, when assembled, is 386 feet long by 22 feet high. The cyclorama’s three current owners showed the piece to potential buyers this week. The painting was rolled out on a floor at a warehouse in Wake County. One of the owners, Billy Ray Powell, spoke this week with WFAE's Mark Rumsey.

Michael Tomsic

In the small Gaston County town of Dallas, kids between the ages of 8 and 12 recently walked up to men in blue and gray uniforms, took a feather, dipped it in fake ink, and picked which side of the Civil War they wanted to fight for. It was part of a day-long Civil War soldier camp at the Gaston County Museum. The camp has a simple mission: to fairly represent both sides of the Civil War, and to teach children the defining role that slavery played in it.