Former Cherryville Police Chief Charged In Federal Court With Embezzlement

Jun 24, 2013

Former Cherryville Police Chief Woodrow Paul Burgess, who retired last year, has been charged in federal court with embezzlement, according to court documents filed Monday.

The United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina says that Burgess, 60, obtained by false pretense more than $11,000 from the city of Cherryville.

According to court documents, Burgess instructed then Finance Director Bonny Alexander to make several checks payable to the Great Outdoors so that Burgess could purchase firearms for his personal use.

The Gaston County District Attorney says he’ll dismiss all pending cases that hinge on the testimony of four law enforcement officers who were indicted in a federal stolen goods investigation.  Locke Bell says his office is reviewing 83 cases to see whether they depend on those officers’ testimonies.  Speeding tickets and DWIs would fall into that category. 

If the officer’s testimony is necessary, then I will dismiss the case because I will not call any of these officers and have them put their hand on the Bible and swear to tell the truth,” says Bell.