Wooing CEOs During The DNC

Aug 27, 2012
Julie Rose

In about two weeks, the Democratic National Convention will have come and gone in Charlotte. But a group of city officials and economic development agencies are working to extend the economic afterglow of the DNC.

Political conventions don't just draw elected officials, media and political junkies. They're also a magnet for high-ranking business people looking to make connections with the powerful.

While they're here, Center City Partners CEO Michael Smith wants to meet them, too.

Tree Climbing's Not Just For Kids

Apr 27, 2012

Charlotte is known for trees, so it's fitting that every year arborists gather here to show off their tree-scaling skills. The Charlotte Arborists Association's Annual Tree Climbing Competition is Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Freedom Park. WFAE's Julie Rose went for a preview. 

Chip Hildreth is sprawled on the limb of a Willow Oak 85 feet up. He's got a bushy beard, sunglasses and helmet. The highest he's ever been in a tree is 128 feet, so this 85 foot limb is nothing.

"No, this is cozy!" yells Hildreth. You can just hear him chuckling.

It's a tough week to be a cankerworm in Charlotte. The planes have taken to the air and are dropping a substance that's designed to make a deadly meal for the wormy millions. City officials hope this week’s spraying will vastly thin the ranks of the cankerworms.  They expect the green worms back next year, but in lower numbers.  WFAE's Lisa Miller considers the plight of the cankerworm as the corpses begin to mount.