Charlotte Talks

Gubernatorial Interview 1: Pat McCrory

Oct 9, 2012

It’s the first in our series of gubernatorial candidate interviews in advance of the November election. Former mayor of Charlotte Pat McCrory is our guest for the hour. This is his second consecutive run for governor. He lost to Governor Bev Perdue four years ago, but with Perdue not seeking re-election, this race is very different from his first. We’ll talk about his views on the issues, his plan for job creation and North Carolina’s future and more.

Without Sanctuary

Oct 8, 2012

There are many images from our Southern history that we may not want to remember, but we need to, in order to learn from them and not repeat that same history in the future. Lynching is one of those dark, painful chapters of the South’s history that Levine Museum of the New South is featuring in its new exhibit “Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America”. We’ll meet with a panel of historians to talk about images collected in this graphic exhibit and the stories behind them.

The Middle Class

Aug 27, 2012

The Middle Class The very rich and the very poor are often the subjects of modern presidential campaigns. The rich come up every time there is a battle over tax reform and who should pay their fair share and the poor are often in the middle of battles over so-called entitlement programs and budget priorities. But for the vast millions of Americans in the middle class, this may be the most important election in decades. The Middle Class is being discussed with great fervor on both sides and most experts agree that the next President will be the candidate who appeals most to these voters.

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Aug 20, 2012

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Aug 10, 2012

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Aug 8, 2012

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Aug 7, 2012

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Aug 6, 2012

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Jul 31, 2012