Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority

Biggest Meal Ever

Jul 18, 2014
Lewis McQuarrie / WFAE

Thursday night at the Charlotte Convention Center, the city hosted the largest sit-down dinner in its history, and probably the state’s.

“There’s not a bigger facility than this in North Carolina, so it would be hard to think of them serving a bigger meal anywhere else,” says Charlotte Regional Visitor Authority CEO Tom Murray.

More than 10,000 members of the black sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha, who have been in town celebrating their biennial Boulé all week, sat for a meal.

CIAA Moves To Charlotte (and keeps tournament here)

Mar 3, 2014
Tasnim Shamma

The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA), an athletic conference of historically black colleges and universities, just wrapped up its ninth basketball tournament this weekend in Charlotte. There was some question whether it would have a tenth year in the city, but CIAA officials said Monday the tournament is staying put. 

The CIAA's contract expired with the city this year and CIAA officials were looking at other cities for a better deal. On Monday, CIAA Commissioner Jacqie Carpenter said Charlotte was able to offer one. 

Charlotte's A Taxing City For Tourists

Mar 29, 2013

State lawmakers have rebuffed Charlotte officials who hoped to double the local restaurant tax in order to renovate Bank of America Stadium.  Instead, the city will have to rearrange existing restaurant tax revenues to help the Panthers. Visitors to Charlotte may find that good news, since WFAE's Julie Rose reports the city already ranks among the most taxing for tourists.

Prosecutors Appeal Dismissal Of Tim Newman's DWI Charge

Nov 28, 2012

  Mecklenburg prosecutors are appealing a judge’s decision to throw out the drunken driving charge against Tim Newman, the former chief executive of the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority. In a notice of appeal, Assistant District Attorney Emily Kraper wrote that the judge’s decision was “contrary to the law.” “The state contends that there is enough evidence to overcome the motion to dismiss and thereafter prove reasonable suspicion, probable cause and a subsequent conviction of the defendant for the charge of driving while impaired,” the prosecutor wrote in the notice of appeal. Meckl

The DNC originally blocked off 15,000 rooms for the week of the convention, and it announced Tuesday that 93 percent of those rooms have been booked. Overall, 7 percent is a small margin.

But releasing those rooms—a little over 1,000 in all—also means that some hotels beyond the 485 loop are left scrambling to recoup what could be a huge loss.

The Hampton Inn in Salisbury blocked out 80 percent of its rooms for the DNC to help Charlotte secure the bid for the convention. When the DNC released the hold on Monday, none of those rooms had been booked.