Charlotte-Mecklenburg police

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer has been placed on administrative leave after he shot a teenage boy Saturday night. Police say the teen had a gun.

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Next month the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department will begin equipping every officer with a body camera. The deployment will be completed sometime this fall. Chief Rodney Monroe hopes the cameras will help build public trust in the city’s police force.

Building that trust, however, may depend on how and when the cameras are used. And who has access to the videos they record.

Yesterday, we reported on how body cameras are used on patrol by Greensboro police who have had the camera’s since 2013. In part two of our series, we focus on the issues of privacy, accountability and fears body cameras are just another form of police surveillance.  

Tom Bullock/WFAE News

Next month, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department will begin equipping all its officers with body cameras. They’re small, a little larger than a tube of mascara. And they’ll record both the audio and video of police interactions with the public.  

Body cameras are seen as a way to build trust with communities and a way to hold both civilians and officers accountable. But at their heart they are a tool and nothing more. How they’re used will determine how effective they will be at building that trust.

In this two part series we’re examining the use of police body cameras and questions about privacy, access and transparency. We begin our series not in Charlotte, but 90 miles away, in Greensboro, where police body cameras have been standard issue since 2013.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

UPDATE: The  attorney for Jonathan Ferrell's family is holding a press conference in uptown Monday morning at 11:00, and the Charlotte NAACP is holding a rally at 1:00 at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center. WFAE will update this story throughout the day.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police charged one of their own officers with voluntary manslaughter over the weekend. Officer Randall Kerrick shot and killed an unarmed man. .

Early Saturday morning, a 24-year-old man wrecked his car in northeast Charlotte and went looking for help.