Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Local News
9:23 am
Tue June 4, 2013

New Charlotte Airport Legislation Coming Today

A latest version of a bill to transfer control of the Charlotte airport to a regional authority will be unveiled Tuesday afternoon in Raleigh.

State Representative William Brawley says he's advancing the measure after a two-month hiatus because negotiations with the city of Charlotte have stalled. Brawley says lawmakers – and an independent consultant hired by the city  – have concluded a regional authority is the best way to ensure the airport's future success.  But Charlotte city officials are unwilling to accept that, says Brawley.

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Charlotte Observer
10:41 am
Mon June 3, 2013

Where Is Queen Charlotte? Holding Court In Yard Between Parking Decks

The Queen Charlotte statue’s future location has not yet been chosen, but its sculptor, Raymond Kaskey, said he hopes the statue will be in a place where it will be noticed. Nicole Bartlett, program director of public art for the Arts & Science Council, said it will be a collaborative decision made by the airport and ASC.
Credit Diedra Laird / Charlotte Observer

Queen Charlotte isn’t greeting visitors to the Charlotte Douglas International Airport terminal these days. But she’s not hiding – she’s just keeping watch from a new location.

The airport’s iconic statue of the city’s royal namesake has been temporarily relocated. It has been moved from its home of more than 20 years in front of the terminal while the airport undertakes several long-term construction projects.

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Local News
4:38 pm
Thu May 30, 2013

Charlotte Airport Authority Bill Back On Track In Raleigh

Representative William Brawley (R-Matthews) is the House sponsor of a measure to transfer control of the Charlotte Airport to a regional authority.

State lawmakers say talks with the City of Charlotte have run their course and it's time to move forward with a measure to transition the Charlotte Airport to a regional authority.

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Local News
7:19 am
Thu May 16, 2013

Internal Documents Show CMPD's Tisdale Report Sparked Airport Rift

Delvonte Tisdale

  At first blush, there’s a lot about the power struggle over Charlotte’s airport that makes no sense. After all, both sides in the debate agree the airport has done extraordinarily well under the city’s control. So what’s happened?

A mysterious death, for one.

And WFAE has reviewed internal airport documents that cast doubt over much of what we thought we knew about that incident.

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Local News
9:17 am
Fri May 3, 2013

Airport Recycling Begins Pay Off

Charlotte airport trash is sorted by hand in a new recycling facility.
Julie Rose

The Charlotte airport made $185,000 recycling trash from travelers and fast food restaurants in the terminal during the last six months. 

That's a fraction of the nearly $2 million it cost to set up the new onsite recycling facility, but Aviation Director Jerry Orr expects the program to break even within five years. He adds that sorting and selling recyclable paper, plastic and aluminum isn't the only financial perk of the program.

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Local News
3:59 pm
Thu May 2, 2013

Airport Advisory Committee Gets Active In Authority Debate

Charlotte Aviation Director Jerry Orr meets with the Airport Advisory Committee on Thursday, May 2, 2013. Vice Chairman Drew Riolo sits to Orr's left.
Credit Julie Rose

The Charlotte Airport's volunteer advisory committee has turned a new leaf. Their monthly meeting on Thursday featured far more discussion and direct questioning of Aviation Director Jerry Orr.

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Charlotte Talks
12:00 am
Wed May 1, 2013

News Roundtable: Mayor Foxx, Airport Authority, Panthers And More

Credit Julie Rose / WFAE

Is Mayor Foxx headed to Washington as the new Secretary of Transportation? His nomination may mean new leadership for the city. Who might fill his position here and what will Foxx face during his confirmation hearings. A panel of journalists and a political scientist share their thoughts on that and on the possible change in ownership of Douglas airport, Panther stadium funding and more when Charlotte Talks.

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Local News
9:26 pm
Mon April 29, 2013

Orr Breaks His Silence On Airport Authority

Charlotte Aviation Director Jerry Orr
Credit Julie Rose

  Charlotte Aviation Director Jerry Orr has broken his months-long silence on the subject of creating a regional authority to oversee the airport. 

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Local News
3:14 pm
Fri April 26, 2013

City-Funded Study Gives Momentum to Airport Authority Measure

State Senator Bob Rucho (R-Matthews)

The effort to turn the Charlotte airport over to an independent authority has more momentum now that a city-funded study recommends that action. City leaders who commissioned the $150,000 report still urge caution - an idea that elicits laughter from the chief sponsor of legislation to change the airport’s management structure. 

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Local News
4:05 pm
Thu April 25, 2013

City Consultant Says Airport Authority Is Good Idea

Credit Ken Lund / flickr

The Charlotte Airport would best be governed by an airport authority, according to a consultant hired by the city to study the issue. 

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