Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill Mourns Muslim Students Shot And Killed

Feb 12, 2015
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People in Chapel Hill and across the Triangle are grieving. Wednesday night was the first public gathering to honor the three Muslim students who were shot and killed this week - Deah Barakat, Yusor Abu-Salha, and Razan  Abu-Salha. Their neighbor has been charged with their murders. As Jorge Valencia of North Carolina Public Radio reports, those mourning included friends, family and many who never got to meet them.

A Trifling Place, Episode 14: Charlotte vs. Raleigh

Nov 13, 2013
Tasnim Shamma / Photos by James Willamor/NCDOT (Flickr)

Welcome to A Trifling Place, a podcast dedicated to exploring the ins-and-outs of Charlotte.

Charlotte has a lot of nicknames. Some of them are flattering and others … not so much. One of them is "The Great State of Mecklenburg." Much of this has to do with how Raleigh perceives Charlotte and vice versa.

"If you've lived here long enough, you know about the bitter feud between Raleigh and Charlotte," Morgan Fogarty says on Fox News Edge in 2008. "They hate us. We don't care."