Briana Duggan

Medicines, needles, strange buttons, there are plenty of things in hospitals you can’t touch – and are tempting for kids to touch.  But a new art installation at the Levine Children’s Hospital turns that on its head. Children are supposed to touch it. 

When A Poet Throws Rhymes, And A Right Hook

Apr 29, 2013
Briana Duggan

Boxing requires physical strength to be sure, but a boxer’s words can also pack a punch.Perhaps the best known wordsmith is Muhammad Ali, who is known for his clever rhymes, like in 1974 when he said “I have wrestled with an alligator, I done tussled with a whale, I done handcuffed lighting, thrown thunder in jail,". One local boxer also embraces poetry,  Spidey “The Boxing Poet” Williams. 

Briana Duggan

Passport for Fashion is Charlotte’s largest spring fashion show and is estimated to attract around 3,000 people to the NC Music Factory. Around 200 models will wear designs from fashion industry professionals, as well as work from local aspiring designers. WFAE's Briana Duggan spoke with one of them.

By The Light Of Paris, A New Ballet For Charlotte

Apr 18, 2013
Otto Bubenicek


Leave it to the French to have a name for that specific moment in the atmosphere of Paris when night is nearly finished but day hasn’t quite arrived – not dawn or twilight (they have other words for those), but l’heure bleue, the blue hour.

Briana Duggan

For over 30 years, the Charlotte Folk Society has given free monthly concerts to share the region’s traditional music. At this Friday's concert, North Carolina’s bluegrass meets a Latin import, bolero. And this music – was made for romance.

A Blumey-ing Theater Program in Belmont

Apr 5, 2013
Briana Duggan

Just about every high school has its cliques, groups like the jocks, and the theater crowd. South Point High School in Belmont is no different. 

The school gets a lot of recognition for its football team, which has won a long list of conference and state titles over the last forty three years. But last year, the drama crowd gained some ground with its own title.

66 Musicians: Putting It Together

Mar 28, 2013

Charlotte Viewpoint's video cameras go backstage to spotlight the creative energies of NCDT, CSO and OC, Charlotte's premier performing arts organizations preparing for the 2013 Ulysses Festival. This three-part series includes exclusive footage of dancers, musicians and singers at work with insightful commentary from choreographers, orchestral and musical directors. 

Part 2 - 66 Musicians: Putting It Together

Civil War Play Thrives With Hip Hop Voice

Mar 13, 2013
Donna Bise /

  A 118-year-old literary masterpiece of Civil War fiction, told as a hip hop story? Really?

Yes. "The Red Badge of Courage" -- presented by Children's Theatre of Charlotte at ImaginOn's Wells Fargo Playhouse through March 16 -- takes an unlikely marriage of art forms and makes them resonate. Eric Schmiedl's adaption for the stage flourishes because he uses hip hop to accentuate the story's timeless themes rather than overshadow them.

Briana Duggan

North Carolina has sixty-six prisons, housing more than 37,000 inmates. Morganton’s Western Youth Institution is meant for the youngest of them; It houses about 430 inmates for sentences ranging from ninety days to life in prison.

It also has a flourishing music program, a rarity in the state’s prison system.  It was started by Millicent Gordon thirty years ago. Now in her eighties, the Juilliard-trained pianist has found her meaning behind bars.

Only one person at Western Youth Institution has a reserved parking space, and it’s not the warden.

Briana Duggan

Warhol and Basquiat, Monet and Renoir ; Some of history’s greatest artists were also great friends.

A new exhibit at the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art looks into some of modern art’s greatest relationships, using its collection as inspiration. On display until July 29, the exhibit pairs together art by lovers, mentors, and friends as a way to see how these relationships may be reflected in the art.