Charlotte native and former Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, Bishop John Spong has spent a lifetime studying the Bible, and has for many years has been a source of controversy in religious circles for his views on Bible interpretation and what should and should not apply to today’s world. He visits Davidson College to speak about Prejudice and Christianity this week and while he’s in the area, he joins us on Charlotte Talks. Originally Aired: 10/29/2012

Over the past three years, Steve Green, president of retailer Hobby Lobby, has amassed one of the world’s largest private collections of biblical texts and artifacts. He’s taken this collection on the road and is sharing it with the masses through the exhibition Passages, which is now on display in Charlotte. Steve Green joins us to talk about why he started the Green Collection and the surprising speed at which he accumulated such an impressive collection of these artifacts. We’ll find out why he decided to share the collection with the public and hear from biblical experts about some of the artifacts themselves, when Charlotte Talks.