Election 2012
11:23 pm
Tue October 30, 2012

Romney Faces Tough Task In Getting Minority Votes

Republicans make up 5.5 percent of all minority voters in the state with 104,445 voters. The total number of minority voters is 1,895,314. Libertarians make up the smallest percentage of all minority voters (3,646).
Credit North Carolina State Board of Elections

The slightest change in support can tip the North Carolina vote in favor of President Obama or Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

An Elon University poll released this week shows they are in a statistical dead heat heading into the final week of campaigning. They are appealing to an electorate that’s undergone significant change. U.S. Census figures show minorities accounted for 35 percent of North Carolina’s population growth in the last decade.

So we looked at the influence of the minority vote and the challenges Romney has in capturing it.

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