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The Charlotte airport commission—which the city wants to disband—met for the first time last night, in the city council's own quarters. Commissioners met to figure out what, if any, role they have while a court battle stalls their takeover of Charlotte Douglas Airport. After four hours of deliberation, the 13-member commission decided to put its lawyers on a short leash, but stopped short of firing their executive director.

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Still more punting going on in the fight for control of Charlotte Douglas International Airport: A Superior Court judge today refused to weigh-in on questions posed by federal regulators about the nature of the commission lawmakers created to run the airport. As Judge Robert Ervin put it in court today: Why does the Federal Aviation Administration care what "some fool judge" thinks? "Because there's nothing to keep the FAA from looking at any declaration this court makes and saying, 'So what?...

Judge To Hear More Airport Arguments Friday

Oct 31, 2013

"The nature of the beast" is the question for Judge Robert Ervin, who will hear arguments about Charlotte Douglas International Airport Friday in a Mecklenburg County courtroom.

City Says Airport Books Inaccurate, Incomplete

Oct 8, 2013
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An audit by the city of Charlotte has turned up a number of missing, incomplete or inaccurate documents on the airports books that may pose a problem for federal aviation authorities. The findings are part of a series of ongoing audits into airport operations spurred by the citys fight to keep control of Charlotte Douglas International.

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Both sides of the Charlotte airport power struggle are cheering a move by the FAA to essentially punt the issue back to the courts. That means, for now, the airport stays under the city's control. Who's the boss – the city or the airport commission? Answering that question has become a hot potato: The court kicked it to the FAA, which asked the Attorney General's office for clarification. The AG's office lobbed it back without much clarity, so the FAA has now tossed the issue back to the...

Four Charlotte residents have been appointed by the city council to serve on a commission formed to govern Charlotte Douglas International Airport. However, Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Cannon was clear the council only made its appointments to "fulfill the letter of the law" which includes an October 1 deadline for appointing commission members. In reality, the city hopes the commission will never have a role at the airport. "Taking this action does not in any way address our larger challenge to...

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An attorney for backers of a regional commission to run Charlotte Douglas International Airport says the city's legal arguments against a transfer are "utterly baseless," because there is no transfer. Rather, Richard Vinroot says airport would remain the city's property and the new commission to operate it would be an agency of the city. "The commission is under the city's charter - that means the city owns it," says Vinroot, referring to Senate Bill 380 . "There's no doubt in that bill, the...

FAA Has 'Concerns' About Airport Commission Bill

Jul 30, 2013
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The Federal Aviation Administration says it has "several concerns" about recently-passed legislation to place Charlotte airport operations under the control of a regional commission. The FAA has asked North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper to clarify whether the city of Charlotte or the new commission will hold the necessary federal operating certificates under the legislation. Possible confusion over FAA permits and federal grants is one argument the city raised in its challenge of...

N.C. Legislators Give Final OK To Charlotte Airport Bill

Jul 26, 2013
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RALEIGH The North Carolina legislature, plowing into the wee hours and past the objections of Democrats, gave final approval early Friday to a measure creating a Charlotte airport commission. City officials vowed to block the measure, which creates a 13-member commission to operate Charlotte Douglas International Airport but leaves the property in Charlotte’s ownership. The legislation is also poised to restore longtime Aviation Director Jerry Orr to his position, only a week after he was...

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If you're having trouble keeping up with the status of the Charlotte airport, you're not alone. Yet another airport bill now making its way through the state legislature in the final hours of the regular session, which is supposed to end at midnight tonight. With this latest bill, state lawmakers are trying to avoid an extended lawsuit, which the city has already filed. SB 380 repeals SB 81, which passed last week and instead creates sort of a hybrid airport authority. It would be called an...