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Hoarding The American Dream

21 hours ago

The top 20 percent of this country, not just the top one percenters, is leaving everyone else behind. We’ll talk with the author of “Dream Hoarders.”

With guest host Jane Clayson.

“Alexa, I want to order a pound of kale.” We’ll unpack Amazon’s deal for Whole Foods and the future of retail.

Betsy DeVos' Vision For American Education

Jun 19, 2017

With guest host Jane Clayson.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos suspends the crackdown on for-profit college abuses. What else is she up to?

Civil Society Under Fire

Jun 15, 2017

After the baseball field shooting, we’ll look at civil society under fire. Are we coming undone?

Art And Politics Collide In 'Julius Caesar'

Jun 14, 2017

A New York staging of Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” sparks hot controversy in the age of Donald Trump. We’ll go to the play, and its politics.

The worst tick season ever is here, and experts warn that there’s a disease deadlier than Lyme lurking in the woods. What you need to know.

Do We Know If Trump Obstructed Justice?

Jun 12, 2017

Legal minds and the press parse the Comey testimony and Russia investigation.

Former director of the FBI, fired by Donald Trump, James Comey grabbed the full attention of the country yesterday in much-awaited testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. There was the packed hearing room. The mob of photographers. Comey, ramrod straight, Boy Scout clear, but savvy. And then, a load of testimony. Told like a story. Earnest. And tough. This hour On Point: the implications of the Senate testimony of former FBI director, James Comey. — Tom Ashbrook

Political Upheaval In The U.K. And France

Jun 12, 2017

What now for Britain and France, after stunning election losses by Theresa May and a likely parliamentary majority for Emmanuel Macron?

With guest host Jane Clayson.

Former NATO top commander Adm. James Stavridis on the geopolitics playing out now on the world’s oceans – and on land.

Comey To Testify In Senate Tomorrow

Jun 7, 2017

With guest host Anthony Brooks.

Getting ready for Comey: A primer. We look at the key players, the unanswered questions about Russia, and what’s at stake.