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Public Art In Charlotte

May 11, 2015
Tanner Latham

Charlotte hasn’t always had an easy relationship with public art but here and in cities around the country public art is being added to make places more vibrant. These works can tell the stories of cities and neighborhoods and people while giving more local artists opportunities to participate and have their work showcased. We learn more about what’s happening here with regard to public art from some of the people making it happen.

Motherhood - Mom 'Marathon'

May 8, 2015
By Creator:Carlo Facchinetti [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Motherhood has never been easy but today, moms sometimes feel overwhelmed with their kids’ busy schedules, work, meals, monitoring what their child sees on the Internet and on TV. The media isn’t always helpful and social media can cause many moms to feel like they don’t measure up or that they aren’t “doing it right.” We meet three women – all mothers – who help other moms with tips on how to manage the “mom marathon.”

Joe Hastings / Flickr/

The recent earthquake in Nepal triggered an avalanche on Mt. Everest where Charlottean Ashleigh Stumler was hiking.  The avalanche killed 18 people.  She survived and is back in town helping to raise awareness of the victims plight. She shares her story first.  Then, we meet a pilot and competitive skydiver – the first female member of the U.S. Army’s elite parachute team with 20,000 career skydives to her credit – the first woman to hold that record. 

Redistricting Battles In North Carolina

May 6, 2015

In 2011, North Carolina’s Republican legislature redrew the political voting maps. Many saw the redistricting as gerrymandering favoring the GOP over Democrats. The state supreme court upheld the redistricting but the U.S. Supreme Court has asked them to review their decision. The legislature takes issue with that request citing record numbers of minorities who have been elected. We take a closer look at the process and the arguments in play.

Advancements In Cancer Treatment

May 5, 2015

The treatment of cancer is on the cusp of change and part of that is coming from Charlotte. Several doctors at Levine Cancer Institute are involved in new clinical trials and treatments, among them targeted gene therapy which allows for specialized treatment tailored to each patient’s particular cancer. That therapy alone holds the promise of less debilitating treatment and better cure rates. We hear from some of the doctors involved in that research.

Hannah Blanton is a true believer in the healing power of art. She says art helped her heal from a rare disease that left her immobile. She’s well now and running Sozo Gallery in Uptown. We hear her story in the first part of Charlotte Talks and then, hear from two successful local artists who have achieved what is almost impossible: they have built full-time careers as artists and are getting national recognition.  

Keoni Cabral / Flickr/

Middle East conflicts, the rise of ISIS and the wooing by the Islamic State of young people in the U.S. and around the world is certainly cause for concern – not for violence here at home. Yet in Charlotte, Chapel Hill and elsewhere around the country there have been violent incidents some view as hate crimes – specifically aimed at Muslims. We sit down with a local Muslim leader, an author and a visiting scholar to get their perspective on recent events.


For years, the only options for higher education open to African-Americans were what have come to be known as Historically Black Colleges and Universities. But today, HBCU’s face many challenges from low graduation rates to low enrollment rates. They are no longer “the only game in town,” and competition for students is intense. We talk with some HBCU leaders around the state about that and the strategies they’re using to stay afloat and even thrive.

Charlotte As A Wildlife Habitat

Apr 29, 2015

We talk a lot about urban development in Charlotte and saving the city’s striking tree canopy. But we rarely talk about the fact that Charlotte has a substantial number of residents we would refer to as wildlife. And, evidently, we’re taking pretty good care of them. The National Wildlife Federation has certified our city as a Community Wildlife Habitat. We find out more about what that means and how we continue to protect wildlife as we grow.

Political Satirist Mark Russell

Apr 28, 2015

Lots of political satirists work in comedy clubs and on TV but none have been working longer than Mark Russell. He started in the '50s, did PBS specials for 30 years and appeared regularly on Meet the Press. He retired in 2010 but not for long. Two years later, he took himself out of mothballs with fresh zingers aimed at our political hotshots.