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Fiction As Fact: The Power Of Fake News

Dec 9, 2016
Weekly World News



The fake news phenomenon. How do these stories get started, and how can you avoid falling for them?

Aired on Friday, December 2, 2016

Roy Cooper sets his inauguration date for governor as Pat McCrory concedes and meets with Donald Trump. Political maneuvering begins in the race for Charlotte mayor. The Panthers return from the West Coast empty-handed. Those and other stories on the Local News Roundup with guest host Erik Spanberg from the Charlotte Business Journal.

Aired on Thursday, December 8, 2016

Some of North Carolina's political boundaries have come under scrutiny - this time, before the Supreme Court. We'll look at redistricting and political gerrymandering in the state.

Flickr/Unnar Ymir Bjornsson

Aired on Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Some believe that our society's focus on accumulating things is a search for meaning. Minimalists say that meaning is actually found in fewer possessions. A few members of the movement provide a clearer picture. 

Smog, the visible sign of unhealthy air, cloaks the Charlotte skyline in 2011.
Todd Sumlin / Charlotte Observer

Aired on Tuesday, December 6 2016

A partnership that includes the EPA, Aclima and Google Earth is bringing new technology to Charlotte to help us assess air quality to improve future development.  What will that mean for Charlotte communities? Host Mike Collins finds out.

Todd Sumlin / The Charlotte Observer

Accused mass murderer Dylann Roof wanted to represent himself in the Charleston church shooting trial, but now wants his defense team back. Two lawyers discuss the Roof case. And two Charlotte lawmakers on either side of HB2 look at what happens to the controversial law following the November election.

No charges against the officer in the Keith Scott shooting.  An update on the still-undecided governor’s race and the River District development is approved.  Those stories and more on the local news roundup. 

Chuck Hagel
Monica A. King [Public domain or CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Chuck Hagel joins us to share thoughts about his experiences as US Senator and as US Secretary of Defense. We’ll hear his philosophies on government, foreign policy, and his advice for the new president.

Perspective on the criminal justice system from a defense attorney known for the Netflix hit "Making a Murderer," and an update on the academic scandal at UNC-Chapel Hill.

GUEST HOST: Michael Tomsic


An update on the still-unresolved race for North Carolina governor. Votes are being challenged and there's a call for a recount. Then, what's ahead for education with a newly-elected North Carolina schools chief and the search for a new Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools superintendent.