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Craft Beer's Growing Pains

Feb 2, 2016
JMR_Photography / Flickr/

In Charlotte, we seem flooded with craft beer. Actually, the craft beer revolution has taken off all over the country. The number of breweries and sales of craft beer have doubled nationwide but here, local brewers say their growth is being hampered by an antiquated state law that requires them to contract out their distribution once they reach certain levels of production. We hear about the implications of that and about craft beer’s growing pains.

Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Jan 29, 2016

A year after the Charlotte City Council narrowly rejected a controversial proposal to expand the city’s non-discrimination ordinance, newly-elected mayor Jennifer Roberts wants the City Council revisit the issue including the provision that would allow transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice. We expect the same people to be on the same sides at a public meeting scheduled for Monday night and we hear from both sides.

Art In Unexpected Places

Jan 28, 2016
Skyline Artists in Residence

It isn’t just new apartments that are popping up around town, art is too! And poetry. They’re called Wall Poems and you’ll find them on buildings and other surfaces. A lot of local artists are working to get more art into public spaces and engage Charlotteans in the process. We meet some of the people behind these unique art installations and find out how they create art that represents the neighborhoods they occupy.

Grocery Store Wars

Jan 27, 2016

Hollywood is focused on Star Wars but here in Charlotte, we’re in the midst of grocery wars. The battle is on for your food dollars as longtime, homegrown titan, Harris Teeter, continues to spar with Florida-based Publix. Even as the invader is building stores across the street from HT, the nation’s top supermarket, Wegman’s, is planning to invade. What’s behind the supermarket boom and what does this mean for you?  

Charlotte's Health Care Industry

Jan 26, 2016

Charlotte has a reputation as a banking town, but it’s also become a major hub for health care. That industry employs more than 100,000 people in the Charlotte area, and two of the nation’s largest hospital systems have a major presence here. While many other industries tanked during the recession, health care kept chugging along. An examination of one of Charlotte’s premier industries.

Sexual Violence (Especially On College Campuses) And Prevention

Jan 26, 2016

Relationship violence is getting new attention especially on college campuses. One nationally known expert has spearheaded massive efforts aimed at prevention on college campuses nationwide and UNC Charlotte is part of this effort. Now the CDC is getting involved in evaluating the effectiveness of campus programs to reduce violence. That expert, Dr. Ann Coker, outlines the problem and some solutions.

In this tumultuous election year, Charlotte Talks is partnering with NPR to find out what voters in our area are thinking as the campaign for the White House marches on. So, we have asked four listeners with a variety of political perspectives and from a variety of backgrounds to share their thoughts. Two Independents, a Democrat and a Republican – all volunteers – participate in a Voter Round Table.

Wherever There Is Light / Dance Theatre Of Harlem

Jan 22, 2016

In this two part show we first hear from an award-winning journalist and historian who has interviewed some of the world’s key leaders. Then we'll talk about the Dance Theatre of Harlem's Charlotte performance with the group's artistic director and others. 

Digital Detox

Jan 21, 2016
alexkess / Flickr/

Many of us are addicted and don’t even realize it. Not to drugs but to our screens, to being connected, to being always on and available. Getting on the Internet to surf, check email and other things was cumbersome in those dial-up days of yesteryear but now it’s so easy to check in that we rarely check out. Allowing our technology to control our lives isn’t healthy and we learn about how to digitally detox.

A Conversation About Gun Culture

Jan 20, 2016
flickr/Gregory Wild-Smith

When it comes to guns and gun violence, we have fallen into a familiar pattern.  A mass shooting occurs, rhetoric about guns and gun ownership heats up, gun sales rise, nothing changes.  Then, the cycle repeats itself.  Both sides dig in and appear to be immovable. So we’re going to have a conversation about just what makes guns so comforting to some people and about responsible gun ownership.