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What's Next For The Republican Party?

Nov 18, 2016

Republicans won big in the recent election but their candidate has shaken up the party. So, what’s next for the GOP? We hear some opinions on that from members of the Republican Party.

The North Carolina governor’s race is still undecided more than a week after Election Day. Smoke filters into Charlotte from wildfires in the mountains... and the toxicology report is back on Keith Scott.  Those and other stories on the local news roundup.

forest fire
North Carolina Forest Service

Wildfires continue raging in the North Carolina mountains, and the smoke is drifting into Charlotte. We begin with an update on the firefighting effort, then our "Block by Block" series continues with an area that some hope will be the next "big thing" - MoRA.

What's Next For The Democratic Party?

Nov 15, 2016
United States Democratic Party

Democrats stumbled in last week's election, losing the White House and falling short of recapturing the U.S. Senate. The party now must determine how to dig themselves out of the electoral hole. Party strategists look at mistakes made and how to lure back voters.

Ildar Sagdejev/Wikipedia

Wells Fargo’s long stage-coach ride back to respectability following a scandal, investigations and resignations. How all this is impacting Charlotte-based employees, customers and shareholders?

Flickr users: jpmatth/Li Tsin Soon

The divisions in this country are deep, certainly deeper than most of us realized before Tuesday’s election. Where is the split and can it be repaired?

North Carolina voters played a big role in the outcome of the presidential race, but the governor’s race is still too close to call.  Our panel of reporters will look at that, and at some of the other shakeups and outcomes in state-based races.  Also, CMS takes a vote on the magnet school lottery, and the Hornets are off to a flying start.  

Tom Bullock / WFAE

A look at the vast difference between polling numbers leading up to Election Day and the actual results, and we talk about what the Trump presidency could mean for financial markets and your portfolio.

Analysis Of Election: What Did Voters Say?

Nov 9, 2016
Denise Cross Photography

A recap of the election results in North Carolina - from the presidency to the governor's mansion. How do the voters' decisions impact the state and country, and what message did voters send?

A mini-city may soon be coming to a river bank near you. An enormous mixed-used development of apartments, homes, offices, retail, restaurants and parks dubbed the "River District" will soon get a City Council vote. We take a closer look. But first, we get an Election Day preview from the elections director.