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As couples prepare for the momentous event of their wedding, they are bombarded by marriage advice – some good, and some not so good, some may even be considered “old-fashioned.” Author Lisa Grunwald has compiled centuries of that advice and the result is “The Marriage Book,” clearly demonstrating how our views on marriage have evolved. She joins us to share what they’ve learned.

Recap Of McCrory/Cooper Debate

Oct 11, 2016

Political season is in full swing with debates almost every week. Of particular importance to North Carolina it  the gubernatorial debate between incumbent Republican Pat McCrory and Democrat Roy Cooper, the state’s attorney general. That debate was Tuesday night and we take a closer look at what was said, the issues discussed, and how this debate might impact the outcome of this close race .

Repairing Charlotte's Damaged Reputation

Oct 11, 2016
Marshall Park, Charlotte
CC0 Public Domain

It’s been a tough year for Charlotte. First, HB2 put us in an unwelcomed spotlight and resulted in millions of dollars of losses. Then, protests and riots following a police shooting ripped at the heart of this new South city, tarnishing our sparkling reputation. What kind of damage has this done to our image and more importantly, how do we repair the internal damage to this city for those who live, work and do business here?


Over the summer we put a call out to hear your version of the Charlotte Talks theme song. The response was impressive and overwhelming. Thank you for taking the time to create and craft your tunes, we really enjoyed this project. 

Clinton vs. Trump: Round Two

Oct 10, 2016
Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
John Cravota / Tom Bullock

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are back in their corners after round two of the presidential debates. Sunday night Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump met in the second of two debates. Following the first debate, which set ratings records, Clinton rose in the polls. This latest debate was a town-hall format and half of the questions came from undecided voters in the audience. The goal for that setting was to connect with voters on a personal level, which could be a tall order for two polarizing figures. Did they manage to do that? Our panel of experts is here with morning-after analysis as we enter the final four weeks of the 2016 election.

Local News Roundup

Oct 7, 2016

On the local news roundup, CMPD releases all of the body and dash cam recordings in the Keith Scott shooting. What do they tell us? First Lady Michelle Obama is in town to stump for Hillary Clinton. What she said about Charlotte in her remarks. Governor McCrory acknowledges a need to repair relations between our city and the legislature and the ACC announces new game locations after pulling out of North Carolina. Those stories and more on the news roundup.

Young people texting on smartphones
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Millennials could be the new big factor in the election. They have overtaken Baby Boomers as the largest generation and more of them are taking an interest in politics. They tend to identify more with Democrat ideals and helped to elect President Obama so, what will their impact be this time? We hear from experts first but then from two young millennials. What are they thinking? How might they vote?  

Jennifer Roser / WFAE

The recent shooting by police of Keith Scott and the unrest that followed has revealed problems in Charlotte, not unlike those we’ve witnessed in other parts of the country. But, what happened here doesn’t sit well with longtime Charlotteans who thought we had a tradition of solving problems “the Charlotte Way.” In a special two-hour Public Conversation, we examine what happened, look back on the city’s history and how it may have contributed to this, look forward to where we go from here and hear from you.

American companies have used H-1B guest worker visas for decades to bring in foreign-born workers to fill skilled positions for which they couldn’t find American workers. But now, this practice is on the rise. In Charlotte it rose by 39 percent in a year. Critics say it’s a way for employers to find cheaper workers at the expense of American citizens. A closer look at the guest worker program and how it’s used here and around the country.

Body Cams: New Law And Effectiveness Of Cameras

Oct 3, 2016
A police officer wearing a body cam.
Tom Bullock / WFAE

The Keith Scott shooting has put new emphasis on police body and dash cams. CMPD has been criticized for being slow to release footage of this latest incident. Over the weekend, citizen access to that footage became even more difficult as a new law went into effect requiring a court order. Some, including our mayor, want the legislature to repeal that law. How likely is that? And how is this footage being used elsewhere?