Young People and Politics

Aug 17, 2012

Young voters came out in record numbers in 2008 to elect Barack Obama as President. Four years later, a poll from Pew Research Center this summer says Americans under the age of 30 are less engaged in the upcoming election and in politics in general than they were in 2008. Are the parties and politicians listening to this particular voter group? Do young people feel like they are being heard? We'll talk with young voters from both parties who are heavily involved in politics about what's important to them, their feelings about their own parties, thoughts about the political process and how to get more young people to vote. Our guests today are also delegates representing North Carolina at their party's conventions this summer - we'll hear about their roles as young delegates and what they expect from the convention.

Sam Spencer
- 27 year old delegate representing North Carolina at the Democratic National Convention. Also President of the Young Democrats of North Carolina.
Daniel Rufty - 26 year old delegate representing North Carolina at the Republican National Convention. Also an army veteran, UNC Charlotte student and member of the Mecklenburg County Young Republicans.