Yoga In Charlotte (Rebroadcast)

Jul 18, 2014

Guests demonstrating a few of their favorite poses. Clockwise from top left: Mary Lou Buck (Cornwell Center & YWCA), Liza Morgan (Yoga One & Yoga on Tap), Adam Whiting (Y2, NoDa Yoga & Big Horizon Yoga) and Stacy Winslow (Evolution Yoga NC)
Credit Alexia Gyorody


The popularity of yoga seems to be exploding.  An exercise for the body, the mind and, some say, the soul –there were only a few places to practice yoga in Charlotte a few years ago and now there are dozens. We’re going to talk to some local yogis about this phenomenon. They say yoga is for everyone, not just affluent, flexible folks. But just how affordable is it and who are all these people stretching into strange positions?