Winthrop Announces New President

Feb 15, 2013

Winthrop University has named a new president.  Jayne Marie Comstock has served as a senior administrator at a handful of small universities. 

For the first time in twenty-four years, there will be a new face in the president’s house at Winthrop this summer.  Comstock is leaving her post at the American Council on Education to replace retiring president Tony DiGiorgio.  She says she’s long been impressed with the school and is eager to be a part of its next chapter.    

“Everything that I’ve done in my career so far has prepared me to help Winthrop move along this trajectory to where it really is well-known for being the best institution of its kind,” says Comstock.   

At the American Council on Education, Comstock provides support and professional development to senior administrators at colleges and universities around the country.  She has also served as provost at Butler University in Indianapolis and in other top administration jobs at Millikin University in Illinois and Baker University in Kansas.    

Comstock says people are going to see her everywhere on campus.   

“They’ll see me in line at Starbucks.  They’ll see me in the cafeteria.  They’ll see me at athletic events.  They’ll see me at performing arts events and, hopefully, they’ll begin soon thinking of me as their friend and not just their president,” says Comstock. 

Looking ahead, Comstock would like to see more Winthrop students study abroad and add more graduate programs that prepare people for the types of jobs in the region.