Welcome To Candidate ME

Jul 19, 2017

Welcome to the 2017 election season. This is an odd numbered year, which means politics really does go local, with contests for school board, town and city councils and, of course mayors.

Credit WFAE

WFAE will, of course, bring you our usual full coverage of these races. But this year we're also doing something new.

We're calling it Candidate ME.

This podcast will not only bring you the latest news on the races, but we're also going to go past the crafted messages and public face of campaigns to show you the art, science and, yes, shenanigans of campaigning.

From dark money groups to the world of social media, from yard signs to how people craft attack ads, we're going to let you see the messy side of politics. The stuff behind the scenes.   

Plus, we'll bring in two political consultants from time to time, one Democrat and one Republican, to get their take on what's happening in this election.