Wednesday August 1, 2012

Jul 29, 2012

Part One: The Future Of Eastland Mall
Residents in the long-suffering Eastland Mall area of Charlotte are optimistic these days, due to the $13.2 million purchase of the mall  by the city of Charlotte last week. Residents of the area aren’t the only ones excited, though. The city hopes to turn the 81 acre site into movie and television studios. Several film studios have shown interest in the project, which, if successful, could revitalize the entire East side. We’ll talk with a film producer interested in investing in the project and a City of Charlotte representative to talk about the possible futures of Eastland Mall.
Pat Mumford
- Key Business Executive for the City of Charlotte’s Neighborhood & Business Services unit
Bert Hesse - Independent film producer whose company, Central Avenue Pictures, is interested in developing Eastland Mall

Part Two: Die Roten Puntke
Otto and Astrid Rot join us: they’re the brother/ sister duo behind Die Roten Punkte, which is German for “The Red Dots.” The group is really a spoof on the band The White Stripes, and you’ll see a lot of Euro band stereotypes (and comedy) in their act, but they also write and perform their own original (and sometimes very catchy) music. We’ll meet and hear the music of Die Roten Punkte.
Otto Rot
- Singer, guitarist, keytarist and songwriter with Die Roten Punkte
Astrid Rot - Singer, drummer and songwriter with Die Roten Punkte

  • Die Roten Puntke are performing July 31 - August 5 at Duke Energy Theater. Details.