US Airways Cancels Half Of Flights Due To Storm

Feb 12, 2014

US Airways is already canceling flights from Charlotte today, in anticipation of the weather. The airline has canceled more than half of its 640 planned departures from Charlotte-Douglas International airport today.

Credit Roger Sarow / WFAE

The bulk of the cancellations so far are shorter, regional flights, which would have to travel through the storm multiple times, says US Airways spokeswoman Michelle Mohr.

“Those aircraft are typically flying in and out of the same [weather] system,” says Mohr. “So, for example, if  we have a regional jet headed from Charlotte to Augusta, you’ll see more cancellations.”

Mohr says the airline is trying to get notice out before travelers arrive to the airport, but more cancellations could occur as the storm develops. Charlotte-Douglas is the second largest hub for US Airways, which recently merged with American Airlines. All told, US Airways has canceled 800 of its 3,000 flights today.