Urban vs. Suburban Charlotte

Feb 23, 2010

Urban vs. Suburban: A Charlotte Culture Clash
Last month, Charlotte Magazine printed a feature about the two separate 'cities' that Charlotte has become over the past couple of decades. There exists an "urban" Charlotte, and a "suburban" Charlotte, and the lifestyles of the two are very different - and are sometimes hostile towards each other. We'll talk about some of the specific cultural differences between city-dwellers and suburbanites, and the pros and cons of each lifestyle. We'll also talk about how the traditional cul-de-sac heavy suburbs are turning more urban. Guests Jen Pilla Taylor - Writer, Charlotte Magazine Richard Thurmond - Editor and Associate Publisher, Charlotte Magazine Jeff Michael - Director, Charlotte Urban Institute Chris Leinberger - Land use strategist, Author of The Option of Urbanism Charlotte Magazine | "Tale of Two Cities" by Jen Pilla Taylor Charlotte Talks | Fixing Suburban Sprawl Amazon | The Option of Urbanism by Chris Leinberger NPR | A social experiment: communes in cul-de-sacs