Understanding 'Stand Your Ground'

May 16, 2012


Andrew Murray, Toussaint Romain, Mark Rumsey, Paul Valone, William Kennedy. This panel discussion and community forum addressed the intent, application and interpretation of "Stand Your Ground" laws. The discussion focused on North Carolina law with regard to the use of defensive or deadly force by individuals. Questions included: - How does current NC law define a person's right to use deadly force? In what locations and under what circumstances? - With whom does the "burden of proof" lie in such cases? - What does NC law say about an individual's "duty to retreat" from a threatening situation in their home, vehicle or workplace? - How do local prosecutors decide whether to pursue criminal charges in cases where an individual uses defensive or deadly force against an intruder? The forum was held on May 16th on CPCC's Main Campus. Listen Audience members take part in the conversation. Panelists: Andrew Murray - District Attorney, Mecklenburg County Toussaint Romain - Assistant Public Defender, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Paul Valone - President, Grassroots North Carolina William Kennedy - Criminal Justice Program Chair, CPCC