Toxicology, Autopsy Report For Shooting Victim Ferrell Released

Nov 2, 2013

Jonathan Ferrell was shot to death by a CMPD officer in northeast Mecklenburg county on September 14.
Credit Florida A&M Athletics

The state's medical examiner's office released a toxicology and autopsy report for Jonathan Ferrell on Friday afternoon. The report shows that the 24-year-old had nicotine, a small amount of alcohol and caffeine in his system on the night of his death in mid-September. The report shows that Ferrell's blood alcohol level was .06 percent. State law puts the legal blood alcohol level limit at .08 percent while driving.

Ferrell was shot ten times by CMPD officer Randall Kerrick. The autopsy report shows that Ferrell was shot once in the stomach, once in the left arm and eight times in the chest. Ferrell was unarmed. The cause of death is multiple gunshot wounds to the chest.

He arrived at the morgue with hands behind his back and handcuffs still around his wrist.  Police were responding to a report of an early morning break-in but Ferrell was apparently seeking help after wrecking his car. CMPD charged Kerrick with voluntary manslaughter less than 24 hours after the shooting. 

Read the reports by clicking on the links below:

Autopsy report 

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