Top Stories: Winter Storm Slams Northeast; Abusive Judge Back On Bench

Nov 8, 2012

Good morning, here are our top stories:

Nor'Easter Adds Fear To Misery In N.Y. And N.J.

Texas Judge Who Beat His Daughter Is Reinstated To Bench.

And here are more early headlines:

Despite Yesterday's Big Declines, Stocks Are Up For The Year. (Reuters)

Pfc. Bradley Manning May Admit Responsibility, Not Guilt, For Some Wikileaks Offenses. (AP)

Greek Lawmakers Vote For More Cuts Despite Violent Protests Against Austerity. (BBC)

Some European Union Staffers On One Day Strike Over Possible Budget Cuts. (AP)

Report: Gabrielle Giffords To Appear At Attacker's Sentencing Today. (ABC)

'East Coast Rapist' Scheduled To Enter First Of Several Pleas. (Washington Post)

President Assad Vows To 'Live And Die' In Syria. (CNN)

Transylvania Highlights Links Between British Royals And Count Dracula. (Telegraph)

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