Top Stories: Obama Turns Emotional After Campaign; New York Rations Gas

Nov 9, 2012

Good Friday morning, here are our top stories:

VIDEO: Obama Tears Up As He Thanks Campaign Staff.

New York Starts Gas Rationing; New Jersey To Re-evaluate.

And here are other early headlines:

Same Sex Marriage Opponents In Washington State Concede Election Defeat. (Seattle Times)

Assad: There's No Civil War In Syria, Just 'Terrorism Through Proxies'. (AP)

The Church Of England Names Its New Archbishop Of Canterbury, A Former Oil Executive. (CNN)

Tens Of Thousands Of Argentines Jam Buenos Aires Streets To Protest Government. (Al Jazeera)

Small Cracks Discovered In South Korean Nuclear Reactor. (VOA)

Convicted Norwegian Mass Killer Anders Breivik Claims Prison Violates His Rights. (Telegraph)

Longtime Madoff Employee Pleads Guilty To Fraud In Huge Ponzi Scheme. (Reuters)

Nestle Recalls Some Of Its Chocolate Nesquik Powder Over Salmonella Fears. (NBC)

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