Top Stories: North Korean Rocket 'Tumbling'; Is Assad's Future Dimming?

Dec 13, 2012

Good Thursday morning, here are our early stories:

Report: North Korea's Satellite May Be 'Tumbling Out Of Control'.

Diplomatic Shift? Russia Acknowledges Assad May Be On Way Out.

And here are our early headlines:

Retiring Sen. DeMint Expects Obama Will Win On Tax Face-Off. (AP)

British Coroner: Nurse Who Fell For Hoax Call Hanged Herself At Home. (CBS)

Syrian Bomb Kills At Least 16 Near Damascus. (AP)

Ukrainian Parliament Erupts Into Brawl For Second Day. (BBC)

Brazilian President Seeks To Build 800 Airports To Serve Country. (AFP)

Massive Fire Burns Near Atlanta Airport - Flights Not Affected. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Robbers Elude Police Through 4 California Counties, Trigger 8-Hour Lockdown At Cal State Fullerton. (Los Angeles Times)

Hollywood's Golden Globes Are Announced. (Huffington Post)

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