Technology In The Classroom

As technology becomes fully integrated in classrooms, students aren’t the only ones learning. Teachers must operate computers, a variety of applications and other electronic devices while also catering their lesson plans to these technologies. A growing number of schools provide students with laptops or tablet computers and some Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools are even encouraging students to bring devices to school through a Bring Your Own Technology initiative. A 2010 analysis by the U.S. Department of Education concluded that students whose higher educations' blend online and face-to-face interactions outperform others, but how does this apply to grade school students? What are parents and students saying? We’ll discuss the costs, the risks, and the increasingly digital world of learning when Charlotte Talks.

Dr. Valerie Truesdale
– Chief Information Officer for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Damien Akelman – Former CMS history teacher who taught teachers to use technology; now a Mooresville High School teacher
Karen Cator – President and CEO of Digital Promise, a nationwide technology initiative
Dr. Scott Smith – Chief Technology Officer for Mooresville Graded Schools