Superstions And Why We Believe Them (Rebroadcast)

Sep 13, 2013

 Are you superstitious? Do you dread Friday the 13th? Do you avoid walking under ladders? Feel funny about black cats crossing your path? Do you ever keep your fingers crossed? Even if you're not superstitious, do you ever wonder how the belief that those things are unlucky came to be? Well, we did, and so we're going to find out. Knock on wood, you won't break any mirrors before Charlotte Talks, Friday, Sept. 13. 


Dr. Sean McCloud - Associate Professor of Religious Studies at UNC Charlotte
Scott Fluke - Co-Author, Re-examining the Form and Function of Superstition and School Psychology Doctoral Student at University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Joe Nickell - Senior Research Fellow at the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry