Summer Movie Blockbusters

Jun 14, 2011

Summer Movie Blockbusters It's rapidly heating up outside. That means it's time to duck into a cool, dark theater to be transported to strange lands, laugh at funny situations or ooh and aah to amazing special effects. It's summer movie blockbuster time. Harry Potter is back for his last duel, the X-Men get an origin tale, The Green Lantern and Captain America come to the big screen and the Pirates of the Caribbean sail again, this time On Stranger Tides. Speaking of strange, our eclectic mix of film critics are back to guide us through the summer film season. Lights, camera, radio when Charlotte Talks goes to the movies. Guests Matt Brunson - Entertainment Editor, Creative Loafing Sean O'Connell - Senior Critic, Ann Marie Oliva - Founder and film critic, Arts a la Mode Add and read comments