Student Veterans And The GI Bill

The GI Bill was created to give soldiers a way to go to college cost-free after they finished their service. But a cost-cutting change to the benefit may mean a big tuition bill for some vets. It now only covers in-state tuition, a problem for some returning soldiers who spent years bouncing from base to deployment without establishing residency anywhere. Some North Carolina veterans say the UNC system makes it even harder for them to qualify and now they’re suing.

Charles Sanchez
- Veterans Service Officer, District 13, North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs.
U.S. Army Sgt. Hayleigh Perez - U.S. Army Veteran, served 14 months in Iraq. She was denied in-state residency status by UNC Pembroke and recently filed a federal lawsuit against the UNC system over in-state tuition.
Sgt. Jason Thigpen - National Guardsman and Founder/President, Student Veterans Advocacy Group.