September 11th Memorial Designer

Aug 21, 2012

In the years just after the attack on the World Trade Center in New York City, Lower Manhattan leaders held an open competition to find the best design for a World Trade Center memorial. Over 5,000 entries came in from all over the world, and in the end, New York resident and architect Michael Arad’s design was the winner. He titled the memorial “Reflecting Absence.” We’ll talk about the design, its construction and what he thinks about the finished memorial, which he hoped would be “stoic, defiant and compassionate.” 

Michael Arad - Israeli-American Architect and Designer of the World Trade Center Memorial at Ground Zero in NYC. He’s a partner with Handel Architects in New York.
Dr. Emily Makas - Assistant Professor of Architectural and Urban History at the School of Architecture in the College of Arts + Architecture at UNC Charlotte. Her research is on relationships between architecture and cities, memory, identity and politics. (More about Emily Makas)