School Lunch Report Card
1:00 pm
Wed March 28, 2012

School Lunch Report Card

School Lunch Report Card
We send our children to school every day in hopes of filling their minds with important education but how much do we think about what fills their stomachs? The folks at the Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine think about it a lot and they test school systems around the country for the nutritional value of their menus. The results are not always promising. We'll check on our own area schools and hear from a nearby school system that serves award winning menus. Grab your lunch tray and join us. [Photo by USDAgov on Flickr.]
Dr. Susan Levin - Director of Nutrition Education at the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Chef Ron Jones - Executive Chef, Greenville County Schools

WFAEats | Weighing Healthy Choices In The School Lunch Line - this photo blog takes you into a CMS cafeteria to see what's for lunch.

Students eat lunch at Highland Creek Elementary School in Charlotte

The lunch line at Highland Creek Elementary School in Charlotte
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