Rosemary Warren-Green and Carolina Theatre

Jan 13, 2011

Part One: Rosemary Warren-Green Rosemary Warren-Green first joined the show when we welcomed her husband, Charlotte Symphony Conductor Christopher Warren-Green to town last year. We learned that Rosemary has her own very successful music career as a violinist and frequent concert master for several famous film scores. We'll have her back to talk about some of her performance and recording experiences and about a program she's heading to benefit young violinists. Guest Rosemary Warren-Green - Violinist, Concert Master and Wife of Charlotte Symphony Conductor Christopher Warren-Green Event | Young violinists of the Winterfield Strings program will perform at the Belk Theater with the Charlotte Symphony Jan 14 & 15 Part Two: Carolina Theatre Over 80 years ago a crown jewel of southern culture came into being when the Carolina Theatre opened its curtains for the first time. In the years following, stars like Bob Hope, Jimmy Stewart, Frank Sinatra and Elvis graced the stage. Now the Carolina Theatre is a hulk in near ruins but one man is trying to restore the uptown theatre. Charlie Clayton founded the Carolina Theatre Preservation Society to try and save the theatre and a developer, The Pursuit Group, still hopes to build a luxury condominium above it but a sinking economy has endangered both projects. We'll check in with Mr. Clayton to see where the preservation project stands and the possible future of the Carolina Theatre. Guest Charlie Clayton - Founder, Carolina Theatre Preservation Society Jim Donnelly - Co-founder and Managing Director, Pursuit Group Add and read comments