The Rise Of 'Prepper' Culture (Rebroadcast)

Back in the 1950’s the Cold War brought with it elementary school air raid drills, gas masks in many homes, and the rise of a bunker mentality. Recent natural disasters from Hurricane Katrina to Sandy Hook as well as the 911 attacks have created a new generation of survivalists. They call themselves Preppers and there are hundreds of groups around the country, worldwide conferences and even television shows. We’ll meet the head of a national Prepper organization, a woman committed to teaching other woman to become survivors and a local Prepper. Originally Aired 10/2/2013

Rich Davis
- Local Charlotte Prepper
Tom Martin - Founder, American Prepper Network
Survivor Jane - Creator of the Survivor Jane website
Trent Holzinger - Charlotte native, survival enthusiast, and prepping expert. He is the Director of Logistics and Tactical Preparedness for Pilgrims Group U.S.A.