The Return Of A Lost Purple Heart Sparks A Friendship, Reveals A Soldier's Story

Nov 13, 2013

Purple Hearts are awarded to those wounded in combat.
Credit U.S. Military

A discovery at a yard sale in North Carolina about a year ago led to a military ceremony in Washington, D.C. Tuesday afternoon.  Two unlikely friends are returning a Purple Heart to the family of First Lieutenant Henry Schenk, who died fighting in the Korean War.

James McEachin reads a narrative on the conflict at a Department of Defense salute to the Korean War.
Credit U.S. Department of Defense

Kimberly Paller found the medal in a box of books at a yard sale near Pinehurst.  She tracked down James McEachin, a retired Hollywood actor and Korean War veteran who served alongside Schenk.  He had been looking for Schenk’s family all these years.  Paller and McEachin spoke to us shortly before the ceremony in D.C.