The Return Of The American Chestnut Tree

Jun 13, 2011

The Return of the American Chestnut Tree Just over a century ago, the Appalachian Mountain Range was home to nearly a billion American Chestnut trees, mammoth trees that were 100 feet tall or more. They were called "the perfect tree", but were almost totally wiped out by blight in the early part of the 1900's. We'll talk about how the trees were almost all lost and what impact that had back then to the people who depended on the trees for their livelihood. We'll also discuss what is now being done in conjunction with Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden to help bring back these giant trees to the North Carolina landscape. Guests Kara Newport - Executive Director of Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Steve Barilovits - Incoming President, Carolinas Chapter of The American Chestnut Foundation See pictures of the American chestnut tree. Add and read comments