Public v. Private: Yadkin River Rights

May 13, 2009

Public vs. Private: Yadkin River Rights takes a closer look at the quest for Alcoa Power Generating, Inc. to retain its control over part of the Yadkin River northeast of Charlotte. There are several opponents to their effort, including Stanly County officials who think that the Yadkin River should be in the public's control, and not a private company's. We'll discuss the details behind the dispute- including environmental issues, hydroelectric power generation and the relationship between Alcoa and the Yadkin River in that part of the state. We'll also hear about how these water management situations are typically handled and how this dispute may be resolved. 

Julie Rose - Reporter, WFAE News
Gene Ellis - Licensing and Property Manager, Alcoa Power Generating Inc.
Lindsey Dunevant - Stanly County Commissioner