Project LIFT Asks Parents About Year-Round School

Oct 2, 2012

Leaders of nine CMS schools on Charlotte's west side are considering going to a year-round school calendar, but they want to get the go ahead from parents and teachers.  The schools are part of Project LIFT, a public-private partnership to improve student learning at these schools.  Project LIFT is holding three community meetings over the next two weeks to gauge whether parents support the idea.  If the answer is an overwhelming no, Project LIFT's community engagement coordinator Brandi Williams says they'll drop it. 

The General Assembly has given the Project LIFT schools flexibility to extend the school calendar, but no extra money to operate the schools.  That money would have to come from private funds.  Project LIFT has raised $55 million to help boost student achievement at these schools over a five year period.  The first meeting is at Byers School Thursday night at 6:00. 

Meeting Schedule:

Thursday October 4, Walter G. Byers School

Thursday October 11, West Charlotte High

Thursday October 18, Thomasboro Academy