Pre-Election Show

Catawba College's Michael Bitzer, WFAE News' Michael Tomsic, Lisa Miller and Julie Rose join us to talk about the Election.
Credit Erin Sutton

Tomorrow’s the day we’ve been leading up to for over a year. Election Day is upon us, and this hour, for a final look at how the election looks here in Charlotte, we’ll be joined by WFAE News Reporters, along with our WFAE “The Party Line” political blogger, Dr. Michael Bitzer. We’ll talk about the big local and state races, and a last minute look at the presidential election and more.

Dr. Michael Bitzer
- Associate Professor of Politics and History at Catawba College and WFAE’s Political Blogger “The Party Line”
Michael Tomsic - WFAE News Reporter
Lisa Miller - WFAE News Reporter
Julie Rose - WFAE News Reporter