Political Roundtable (Rebroadcast)
12:00 pm
Fri December 31, 2010

Political Roundtable (Rebroadcast)

Political Roundtable (Rebroadcast)
We have done two shows on political conversation, one from the perspective of a liberal, and one from the conservative standpoint. Both conversations were enlightening and interesting, and each guest expressed interest in talking to each other. So today, we'll do just that. Brenton Stransky, author of The Young Conservative's Field Guide and Dr. David Coates, author of Answering Back: A Liberal Toolkit will join us, together, to talk about their respective political philosophies.
(Originally Aired: 8/20/2010)
Brenton Stransky - Co-author, The Young Conservative's Field Guide and a Financial Consultant
Dr. David Coates - Author, Answering Back and Chair, Anglo-American Studies at Wake Forest University

Amazon | The Young Conservative's Field Guide by Brent Stransky & Andrew Foy
Amazon | Answering Back by David Coates
Brenton Stransky's website
David Coates' website

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