Political Fallout From The Government Shutdown

Now that the government is back up and running, we'll discuss the political impact of the shutdown.
Credit J Sonder / flickr

The government shutdown and debt ceiling crisis from earlier this month will have longer lasting implications and consequences, according to most people who have something to say about the subject. Some say it will improve the chances of agreement on other legislation and others say it will make the animosity between the political parties even more bitter. We'll be joined by experts who will give us their take on the fallout from the shutdown, and what we can see in the coming months.

Dr. Eric Heberlig
- Professor of Political Science at UNC Charlotte
Dr. Michael Bitzer - Associate Professor of Politics and History, and also acting Provost at Catawba College and WFAE's Party Line Blogger
Dr. Scott Huffmon - Professor of Political Science and Director of the Social and Behavioral Research Lab at Winthrop University