Novelist Cassandra King

Southern author Cassandra King has been spinning stories about women in the South for over a decade. Her latest novel, Moonrise, was inspired by Daphne du Maurier's Rebecca, a favorite of King's as a youth. Cassandra King will join us to talk about her love of reading and writing, the development of her characters and using her experience as a southern woman in her writing, and her marriage to fellow southern author Pat Conroy.

Cassandra King
- Southern novelist whose latest book is Moonrise. She's also married to fellow southern author Pat Conroy


  • The Women's National Book Association is hosting Bibliofeast "a moveable feast" dinner featuring nine critically acclaimed writers including Cassandra King on October 14th at 6pm. Details.
  • Cassandra King will be appearing November 25th at 5pm at Park Road Books with Pat Conroy. Details.