NC - SC Border Highlights Jobs Competition

Jun 17, 2014

South Carolina scored some notable victories this week in the competition for new jobs in the Charlotte region. Three companies announced plans to bring a combined total of at least 3,900 new jobs to York and Chester counties. Two of those expansions involve relocating jobs that are currently based in Charlotte.   John Lassiter, a former Charlotte City Council member who now chairs the North Carolina Economic Development Board, talks to WFAE's Mark Rumsey about the challenges in competing with the incentives that South Carolina can offer.

"I’m a competitive person and I know the Governor’s competitive, the Secretary of Commerce is competitive," says Lassiter.   "What it, I think, does is give you energy to work harder, identify where you can get stronger and find a way to win that next battle for an important part of what we need to grow our economy.   

WFAE's Mark Rumsey spoke with Lassiter about North Carolina's ongoing efforts to compete for jobs in the region.