Mother’s Special Sandwich

May 22, 2012

This entry is one of our Mother’s Day contest winners. We asked readers for their favorite food memory about mom.

As a young child I was pleased to have a “special” lunch sandwich prepared by my Mother.  She explained to me how special it was.  She said not many others in the neighborhood, indeed the county, could have this wonderful sandwich.  I  believed every word, after all, she was Mother.  So, while my sisters were in school, we would sit down to this “specialty”.  It was two slices of bread, mustard on one side and mayonnaise on the other.  When I started school I realized that other children HAD to add bologna on their mustard/mayonnaise sandwiches… and felt sympathy for them.  I now know my special sandwich was a way for Mother to save a little on the grocery bill while allowing my sisters to have the bologna for their lunches, but to this day I eat my “special” sandwich with pleasure.