Michael Graves Talks Design

Apr 24, 2013

Food meets design with Michael Graves. The internationally-renowned designer and architect has designed lines of toasters, timers, tea pots and more kitchen essentials for Target, and now for JC Penny's.

Graves is in Charlotte this week to speak during the F.O.O.D. Conference at the Mint Museum. F.O.O.D. stands for Food, Objects, Objectives, Design and it will host writers, historians, chefs and designers to celebrate and explore the objects we use to prepare, cook and present food. Michael Graves spoke with WFAE's Mike Collins about form, function and the F.O.O.D. Conference on Charlotte Talks. Listen to the conversation here

  • The F.O.O.D. Conference is at the Mint Museum Uptown April 25-26. Details.