Medical Cannabis In North Carolina (Rebroadcast)

Jun 6, 2014

 PART II: Opponents

Here in North Carolina, throughout the South and across the nation, the discussion about medical marijuana legislation has gained a lot of traction lately. Yesterday, we heard from avid proponents about their view of the alleged medicine. On this Charlotte Talks we hear from one of the nation's foremost drug policy advisors, a recovering marijuana addict and an instructor with Central Piedmont Community College's Substance Abuse Program. Is all this medical cannabis talk just smoke in mirrors? Is there legitimacy behind the claims? It might be more complicated than yes or no. .

Kevin Sabet - Assistant professor of psychiatry, Director of the Drug Policy Institute at the University of Florida.

Shawn - recovering marijuana addict and a professional in the field of drug abuse prevention and recovery. 

Tony Beatty - Instructor, Substance Abuse Program at Central Piedmont Community College.