The Mayans And The End Of The World

The Mayan Calendar

There has perhaps been more conversation about the end of our world in the last decade than ever before in world history. From Y2K to an American preacher twice predicting the world's end, to a minor asteroid scare, we’ve heard a lot about the Earth’s demise. But no "end days" announcement has captured our attention more than the Mayans. The ancient Central American civilization lived by a calendar that predicted the world's end on December 21st, 2012. Recent reports regarding this prediction have ranged from hysteria to disdain. Even officials of the Mayan Cultural Festival are already planning next year’s event. But, just in case the Mayans are right, we’re talking about their end of time prediction before December 21st. Join us for a fascinating look at the Mayans with a local expert when Charlotte Talks - for perhaps the last time.

Dr. Dorie Reents-Budet
- Consulting Curator for Ancient American Art, Mint Museum