Man Accused Of Using Van To Drag Donkey On Paved Road

Apr 26, 2013

Richard Hudson is accused of tying a donkey to the rear of a van and dragging the animal along a paved road Thursday evening in Lincoln County.
Credit Lincoln County Sheriff's Office photo.

A Lincoln County man faces misdemeanor animal cruelty charges after he allegedly used his van to drag a donkey down a road Thursday evening in the northwest part of the county.

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office says Richard Ricky Hudson, 68, was arrested and charged with conveying animals in a cruel manner. He was released on $4,000 bond late Thursday.

Neighbors called authorities about 6:30 p.m., saying they saw a man driving a van and pulling a donkey behind the vehicle, in the area near Ward Road and Plateau Road. According to deputies, witnesses said the donkey was tied with a rope to the trailer hitch on the rear of the van.

When sheriff’s Sgt. Terry Posey arrived, he found Hudson walking the animal northbound on Plateau Road.

A witness cared for the animal while Hudson was questioned, deputies say. Posey said he found that the legs and rear of the donkey had scrapes and were bleeding. Investigators say scrape marks on the roadway indicate the animal could have been dragged more than 3/10 of a mile on the paved surface.

Lincoln County Animal Services is caring for the donkey in a shelter.

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